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Charlie Mariano's Music Library

02 Jul 2013


Charlie Mariano was the first real world musician and has shown the way to many artists after him. In the seventies, Charlie came to Europe, where he influenced almost the entire Jazz scene, his alto saxophone harking back to the origins of Jazz itself. Having played with Charlie Parker, D.Gillespie. and Charles Mingus, he was the last word when it came to Jazz and an inspiration for European musicians over many years.  Thus it is a pleasure and a privilege for us, to publish Charlie´s compositions as free PDF - files

Time after time we will publish more and more of Charlie Mariano's compositions as sheet musc through this page. All documents / sheets will be in PDF file format.

Charlie Mariano´s Music Library was ompiled and created by Charlie's s long time musical companion, MIke Herting. Mike says about this project:

I got to know Charlie Mariano when I was 25. Reiner Brüninghaus, his piano partner at the time, fell ill and I was allowed as his temporary stand-in for a duo gig. Ever since then we have been playing together and in time I got to know all the fantastic musicians in Charlie’s sourrounding, like Japer van’t Hoft or Philip Catherine or Ramamani as well as Dino Saluzzi.

Charlie himself had already made a small collection of his compositions some time ago, and now the two of us created the wonderful CD "The Music of Charlie Mariano" together. His masterful command of the saxophone nearly overshadowed his capacities as a composer – even though all his colleagues loved to perform Charlie's compositions – and he never failed to provide new ones at the rehearsals.

Some time after Charlie's decease, his widow Dorothee asked me to join her in taking stock of Charlie's bequest. In doing this, we found quite a few of Charlie's hand-written music, as well a pieces that he had jotted down on the computer. I then took it upon me to check this material, putting the pieces I knew into a legible shape.

Dorothee and I are of one mind that this fantastic material should be made available to the public, and particularly to young musicians. From my own experience I know that it isn't only fun to play this music, but that, with its meldodiousness and seeming lightness, it constitutes incomparable teaching material, presupposing in the student a profound knowledge of music. It also gives proof of Charlie's mastership on this score as well.

I am happy for having this opportunity of publishing Charlie's music and hope that musicians as well as music lovers will enjoy it, too.

Mike Herting, April 2013

Charlie Mariano's Music -  Download Sheet Music for Free

Song: "15 4 Blues", 15 4 Blues.pdf

Song: "Ages Ago", Ages Ago.pdf

Song: "Amber",Amber.pdf

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